Bicycle rides

There is an extensive system of cycle paths and small roads through the varied landscape of the national park. From a bicycle, you can experience quiet forests, open heaths and idyllic villages.

Bicycle routes

The enormous and unspoiled area of the national park is an obvious place for bicycling. Whether you are on a cycling holiday or on a shorter trip for only a day or so, a bicycle is a perfect place to see the landscape and experience the countryside.

The West Coast Cycle Route, which follows the Danish national cycle route 1, is close to the wind-swept North Sea. It begins at Agger Færgehavn (ferry port) and continues more than 100 kilometres to the north, and passes the cliffs at Bulbjerg.

The small unpaved roads of the dune plantations are ideal for a romantic trip around one of the lakes, where you can cycle in the open countryside or in the shade of the conifers. On the paved roads, the family can take a break and assemble the troops. You can stop on the dune heaths and pick and eat the berries on the heather from July to September.

Cycling on the routes is at your own risk, and look out for hikers and unexpected obstacles in the landscape.

Good places to ride a bike:

West Coast Cycle Route (national cycle route 1)

The areas at Flade Lake, Ørum Lake and Vandet Lake.

Remember that cycling is allowed on all paths and forest roads in the National Park, but not on the forest floor or on the dunes.

Mountain biking

Together with local mountain bikers, the Danish Nature Agency has established two mountain bike routes in Tvorup Dune Plantation. Experienced bikers took a map into the forest and marked the best routes.

The routes have been marked with red pillars, pictograms and arrows. One route is easy and no previous experience or special equipment is necessary, and the other is more demanding and includes tough challenges around the terrain. If you want to go on a ride with varying levels of difficulty, you can take the routes together.

The routes follow small, winding forest roads and green trails. Cycling on the routes is at your own risk, and look out for hikers and unexpected obstacles in the landscape.

Mountain bike routes in the National Park:

The White route in Tvorup Dune Plantation is 6 kilometres and can be used by everyone

The Green route in Tvorup Dune Plantation is 10 kilometres and for more experienced biker

The Red route in Vilsbøl Dune Plantation is 6.3 kilometres and of medium difficulty

The route in Vandet Plantation, which begins at the car park on Hjardalvej, is 10 kilometres and very demanding. Follow the green marks on the trees


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New cycle routes for tourists - and local cyclists

Can tiny grains of sand force villages to move? Where does the otter live? How do the churches of Thy beat world records? 

You can find the answers to these and many other questions if you cycle down the two new cycle routes that begin in Nr. Vorupør and in Agger. The routes are 42 kilometres each, and they tell stories along the way with directions to nature experiences.

Cycle route with starting point in Nr. Vorupør

Animal Paradise cycle route (in Danish)

Animal Paradise cycle route (in English)

Animal Paradise cycle route (in German)

Cycle route with starting point in Agger

Experience the Forces of Nature cycle route (in Danish)

Experience the Forces of Nature cycle route (in English)

Experience the Forces of Nature cycle route (in German)



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