On horseback

Horseback riding is a unique opportunity for experiencing the beautiful countryside. From horseback you can get close to the wild animals which are often more tolerant towards a rider than towards a person on foot.

Whether you are riding on your own horse or hiring a horse from one of the stables, Thy National Park has many opportunities.

Thy bridleway

A bridleway has been laid out through the entire national park from south to north. The bridleway goes through forest, along the sea and there are shorter stretches along lanes. Paddocks have been established at the shelter sites in Tved Dune Plantation, on the south side of Nors Lake, at Boligvej in Tvorup Dune Plantation and in Hvidbjerg Dune Plantations. Here the horse can be penned. See hiking tour leaflets or find the sites on www.udinaturen.dk

Thy bridleway

In addition to the main bridleway, there are local, marked bridleways of varying lengths where you start and end at the same place. Information about these bridleways, including parking facilities, etc. can be found in the "Ridning i Thy" leaflet about riding in Thy, in which you can also read about the general rules for horseback riding in private and public forests.

According to the Nature Protection Act, riding is not allowed along beaches from 1 June to 30 August, unless the landowner has granted permission.

For more information about stables hiring out horses, contact Thy Tourist Office on tel.: +45 97 92 19 00 or Obfuscated Email

"Ridning i Thy" leaflet (in Danish)

Map of bridleways in Thy