Children in Thy National Park

Swimming in the sea and blue flags

Each summer the North Sea invites people to take a swim in the waves. The blue flags are a guarantee that the beaches have a high standard, are safe and have good facilities. There are several blue flags in the national park.

The water at Klitmøller is a surfer's paradise, and the kids can try the waves on a surfboard. There is a wonderful smell of saltwater and seaweed, and although most of the beaches are pebble beaches, the kids can easily go for a swim in the sea.

Beaches in Thy National Park with blue flags:

Swim in crystal clear water

If wind or waves become too strong at the west coast, there is a unique opportunity to go for a swim further inside the park. Here you will find the calm and clear freshwater lakes Nors Lake and Vandet Lake. The lakes used to be part of a gulf, which has since been cut off from the North Sea, when the dry land slowly began to raise after the last glacial period. Nors Lake and Vandet Lake are some of the cleanest in Denmark, and the visibility in the crystal-clear water can be up to seven metres.

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Natural playgrounds

So far the national park has two forest playgrounds where children can play and built dens like little Tarzans.

In the clearings between maple, ash and beech, you will find swings, slides, climbing nets and ropeways; all in wood. Exercise is fun here. The entire family can use their brain, their body and all their senses.

There are large logs on the ground on which you can balance or take a break. You can enjoy your packed lunch at tables and benches under roofed wooden pavilions. Moreover, there are small camp-fire sites for cooking food or for cosy bonfires.

Forest playgrounds in Thy National Park:

Treasures in the forest

Do you want exercise and have fun in the forest? Do you want to be challenged? Find the orienteering stations in Vilsbøl Dune Plantation. 

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