Information Houses

Nationalpark Center Thy

Address: Vesterhavsgade 168, Nr. Vorupør, 7700 Thisted.


Opening hours:

February - April every day from        11-15

May - September every day from kl. 10-17

October - December 22 every day    11-15

December 23 - January 31              CLOSED

National Park Thy looks forward to welcoming you to the new National Park Center Thy, which is located in an urban area on the edge of Nr. Vorupør - in the middle of National Park Thy.

With a door into the city and a door out into nature. In National Park Center Thy, volunteer national park hosts welcome guests and locals, and help them well on their way to great nature experiences in Denmark's largest wilderness.

There is an unmanned shop in the center, where you can donate an amount to the nature in National Park Thy, buy various publications and National Park Thy products.

Lodbjerg Lighthouse

Address: Lodbjergvej 33, 7770 Vestervig.

Opening hours:

Lighthouse and bird exhibition: Every day all year round from kl. 7-21.

The coffee shop: Every day April-September at 11-16


At Lodbjerg Lighthouse you will find both an unmanned exhibition about fallen birds, and you can go up to the lighthouse and enjoy the magnificent view of the dunes and the North Sea. During the summer, you can buy coffee and homemade cakes in the café run by volunteers.  

In the period April to October, on Saturday and Sunday you can meet the volunteers who are ready to give you a story about the lighthouse and a small tour of the area.  Find them in the yard at. 11-16.

Stenbjerg Landingsplads

Address: Stenbjerg Landingsplads 4, 7752 Snedsted

Opening hours: Every day from 12 noon to 4 pm from 1 April to 1 October.

National Park Thys first manned information house is located at Stenbjerg Landingsplads. The landing site has been the starting point for coastal fishing for centuries. The picturesque tool houses were built by the fishermen in the early 20th century. Commercial fishing ceased in 1972. The unique cultural environment has been preserved thanks to the Association for the Preservation of Stenbjerg Landingsplads, which also undertook an extensive restoration of the houses in 2000. The association has also made it possible for Nationalpark Thy to set up a visitor center in one of the houses.

In the information house you can learn more about the area's special nature: the beach, the dunes, the dune plantations as well as some of the plants and animals that live in National Park Thy. Here you have the opportunity to ask questions, get good tips, find out what's going on in the national park and much more. A visit here will be a good starting point for further exploration of the national park.


Address: Aggervej 35, 7770 Vestervig.

Opening hours: Every day all year round from 6.00 until the last ferry has sailed.

At the southernmost tip of Agger Tange you will find one of the national park's information houses. It is located by the ferry port and is a natural hub for various types of traffic, as it is possible to get there by car, on foot, by bike and by kayak or boat.

The information house is built in a sustainable architecture in harmony with the raw surroundings. Here is room for contemplation or a much-needed break far away from it all.

In the house you can learn more about the special nature of the area. About the coastal lagoon and the beaches, plants and birds that can be found on Agger Tange. The house is not staffed, but you can get answers to your questions about National Park Thy. Here is free wi-fi, so it is also possible to download Nationalpark Thys app for smartphones for use on the go. You can go to the toilet, fill the water bottle and take shelter from rain and wind - while gathering strength for the trip through the national park, or waiting for the ferry. You can also find free leaflets in the house. A visit here will be a good starting point for further exploration of the national park.

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