Information houses

If you want to be well prepared for a trip around the national park, you can visit one of the park's information houses. Here you can learn more about the nature and cultural heritage of the area, get tips for fun activities and find information material and guides. 



The newest information house in the national park is on Agger Tange. The house is located at the ferry harbour on the southern tip of the isthmus. This place is a natural hub, because you can get there by car, on foot, by bike or by kayak or boat.

The information house has a sustainable architecture in harmony with the barren surroundings. Here you can immerse yourself in information about the area and take a break from everyday life.

In the house, you can learn about the special nature of the area. Moreover, you can learn about the coastal lagoon and the salt meadows as well as the plants and birds on Agger Tange. The house is not staffed, but you can find answers to all your questions about Thy National Park using the interactive screens.

There are also hiking tour leaflets and similar in the house. A visit to the house would be a good starting point for your onwards exploration of the national park.

Svaneholmhus information house is open every day all year round from 6am to the last ferry

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Stenbjerg landing area


 The first information house in Thy National Park is located at Stenbjerg landing area. The landing area has been the hub of coastal fishing for many centuries. The picturesque houses for fishing equipment were built by the fishermen in the early 1900s. Commercial fishing stopped in 1972. However, the unique cultural environment has been kept thanks to the Foreningen til bevarelse af Stenbjerg Landingsplads (association for the preservation of Stenbjerg landing area). The association was also in charge of restoring the houses in 2000. Furthermore, the association has made it possible for Thy National Park to establish a thematic centre in a former ice cream shop at the landing area.

In the information house, you can learn about the special nature of the area: the beach, the dunes, the dune heaths and the dune plantations as well as flora and fauna in Thy National Park. The thematic centre is staffed and open every afternoon from April to October. Here you can ask questions, get tips, find out what is going on in the national park, watch a programme from Nationalpark TV and much more.

A visit to the house would be a good starting point for your onwards exploration of the national park.

The information house in Stenbjerg is open every day from 12 am - 4 pm from 1 April to 31 October.

See hiking tours in the area in the leaflet for Stenbjerg

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Tourist information

Thy National Park is primarily a great nature experience. However, the area also has many other things to offer for your holiday in the national park. Here is culinary temptation for all tastes, and the towns offer a multitude of activities, museums and shops.

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