Stenbjerg landing area

Idyll at the landing area

At Stenbjerg landing area is a group of characteristic, white tool sheds from the time when coastal fishing was at its peak. Fishermen pulled their boats on land using a winch, and their catch was prepared inside the tool sheds before it was sold. Coastal fishing was a risky profession and the fishermen were highly exposed to the forces of nature. Therefore, in the early 1970s they moved their fishing activities from Stenbjerg to the harbour of Hanstholm. Today the boats are smaller and can be handled with tractors.

The tool sheds have been preserved thanks to local efforts, and the landing area still has an authentic atmosphere. Many people are attracted to the picturesque tool sheds and the violent waves which are in sharp contrast to each other. On a warm summer day, you can swim at Stenbjerg, and a walk along the coast is always popular. One of the sheds has been made into a small, visitors centre for Thy National Park.

Stenbjerg lifeboat station

The characteristic lifeboat house is also located at the landing area. The house is a red brick house with flags on the green door in the gable, and was built in 1931. The lifeboat station in Stenbjerg was established in 1894 and back then it was located in the town where the rescue workers lived. From the 1920s, strandings and shipwrecks became increasingly rarer along the west coast of Jutland, and there were plans to close the lifeboat station in Stenbjerg. However, in 1931, it was decided to build a new lifeboat station at the landing area instead. The primary task of the lifeboats was then to help fishermen in distress. The very last rescue action for the lifeboat station in Stenbjerg was in 1969.

The lifeboat station is a listed building, and today it houses an exhibition on the rescue services. The exhibition is open during the summer.

Stenbjerg dune heath

Stenbjerg landing area is surrounded by preserved dune heath. One kilometre to the south is Stenbjerg Båke beacon, one of the three remaining seamarks in Thy. The two other seamarks are at Bøgsted Rende and Vigsø. A little further to the south an old road takes you through an area of the dune heath with rare beauty and tranquillity.

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