This is how National Park Thy came into existence

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Thy was chosen as Denmark's first national park by the Minister of the Environment on June 29, 2007.

The selection was based on the significant national and international importance of Thy's nature. This is primarily due to the vast and unique landscapes of dunes and dune heaths, from the Hanstholm lighthouse to Agger Tange, which are unparalleled in a European context.

The decision also considered the excellent opportunity to create a large, cohesive natural area that would strengthen the local flora and fauna.

A national park in Thy was expected to offer ample opportunities to enhance outdoor activities and nature experiences for the local citizens, as well as supporting local development through increased tourism.

Another significant strength in the establishment of the national park in Thy was the broad local support the proposal received.

In the rationale for the selection, the Minister of the Environment emphasized the following points:

  1. The dunes and dune heaths have significant national and international importance.
  2. There are great opportunities to create cohesive natural areas and strengthen nature.
  3. There are excellent opportunities to enhance nature experiences, outdoor activities, and education.
  4. The national park can support local development.
  5. There is broad local support.

On August 22, 2008, the Minister of the Environment officially inaugurated National Park Thy.