Collect Marine Debris

Beach trash bins help remove significant amounts of litter along the West Coast of Thy.

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Beach Cleanup - A Success Story on Pallets

The idea is simple, and the success is palpable: Pick up marine debris as you walk along the beach and dispose of it in the designated beach bins.

The oceans are overloaded with plastic and other human waste that threaten ecosystems and wildlife. Some of it washes ashore, and thankfully, we can all help remove it.

Thisted Municipality has set up beach bins on European pallets for beach litter at 15 locations along the West Coast of the national park. You can find trash bags at these bins, and with one in hand, it can become a treasure hunt for both young and old to walk along the beach.

It's amazing what you discover once you get started. And it works! In 2022, Thisted Municipality collected a whopping 19.5 tons of litter from beachgoers. Nationwide, beach bins collected 215 tons of waste.

You can also collect beach litter and marine debris with the national park's outreach partner "Strandet" in Nr. Vorupør. Strandet conducts monthly cleanups and recycles a portion of the plastic waste into new products. In 2022, Strandet collected six tons of marine litter. Learn more here: Strandet