National Park Center Thy

At Denmark's first national park center, you can gather knowledge about Nationalpark Thy and find inspiration for your experiences in the area. The center is open every day and staffed with volunteer national park hosts full of great stories and personalized tips

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Get knowledge and inspiration

The National Park Center is a gateway to nature and the many experiences in Nationalpark Thy. In the visitor center's exhibition, you can gather information about landscape formation and the unique nature of Nationalpark Thy. Learn about the wildlife and plant life in the various types of heathland, about sand drift, historical development, and much more.

You can also receive personal tips for trips and experiences from the volunteer hosts who are here every day during opening hours.

There are free-to-use lockers and public restrooms, which are open at all hours.

Volunteer national park hosts are ready with tips for experiences every day during the center's opening hours. Photo: Poul Christian Madsen.

On the Edge of Nature

The National Park Center in Nr. Vorupør is the first of its kind in Denmark and opened on June 15, 2021. The 700 m² welcome center has been carefully integrated into the existing dunes, situated between the town and the wild nature.

The building houses a 300 m² exhibition space where a landscape model provides an overview of the landscape's characteristics, trails, towns, experiences, and stories. Additionally, the center accommodates meeting rooms and office space for the National Park Foundation's board and secretariat.

Practical Information

Nationalparkcenter Thy, Vesterhavsgade 168, 7700 Thisted.

(Find it at Google Maps)

The center is open every day in 2024 as follows:

  • January 19 to March 21: 11-15
  • March 22 to May 31: 11-16
  • June 1 to August 31: 10-17
  • September 1 to October 20: 11-16
  • October 21 to November 30: 11-15
  • The center is closed in December

Restrooms and free lockers are accessible at all hours, all year.

The center offers free admission, with the option to make a voluntary contribution, which directly supports nature projects in the national park.

Volunteer hosts staff the center during opening hours. You have the opportunity to purchase books about the nature and culture of Thy, hiking maps, and more.

The West Coast Cycle Route passes right by the door, and at the Nr. Vorupør landing site, there is often a bustling atmosphere. Here, you can find a cultural-historical environment at the landing site, a sea bath, fishmongers, shops, and restaurants.

In 2023, the National Park Center Thy was awarded the In-Situ Prize by the concrete industry for its innovative and aesthetically pleasing construction in the dune landscape. Photo: Torben Eskeroth.