Nørre Vorupør

The town in the outback has become a bustling hub for locals and tourists

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The first mention of Vorupør Islands dates back to 1689. At that time, there were just a few scattered shacks in an area simply called "Klitten" ("the dune").

The name Vorupør is derived from the words 'wore,' meaning outlying, 'torp,' signifying a settlement, and 'ør,' which refers to a gravelly beach. Settlers built small homesteads by the beach in the outlying area, and the little fishing village was born.

Over time, it became one of the larger fishing villages on the west coast. In the late 1800s, fishing thrived due to new technological advancements such as boat engines, nets, and fishing lines. This had a significant impact on all coastal fishermen in Thy, and from being a poor and isolated fishing village, Nr. Vorupør grew into a thriving town. The organization of fishing was strengthened thanks to the Fiskercompagniet, closely connected with the Inner Mission. In 1898-99, the fishing in Stenbjerg and Vorupør brought in just as much as the rest of the fishing along the coast between Bulbjerg and Nymindegab.

At its peak, there were 27 large coastal boats fishing from Vorupør. The town even had its own fillet factory right on Vesterhavsgade. However, when Hanstholm Harbor opened in 1967, many fishermen moved there.

Today, it is recreational fishermen who sail from Vorupør Landingsplads. From here, you can also join a fishing trip to the "Gule Rev," where you can catch, among other things, cod.

Vorupør Redningsstation is located by the landing site. From here, between 1851 and 1986, 621 lives were saved, and the rescue station continues to be an important actor on the coast.

The coast off Vorupør has also become sought after by surfers, and the town was the natural choice for building Denmark's first national park center. Here, the town meets the sea and nature, cultural history, and the wild natural forces. Right in the heart of the national park, well-hidden in the outlying area!

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