Nystrup Klitplantage

Nystrup Plantage covers a large area from Vandet Lake to the sea south of Klitmøller. Furthest to the west, the trees clearly indicate that the soil is nutrient-poor, but a little further in, both tall conifers and deciduous trees grow. This is because there is good soil beneath the sand

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Ancient Barrows

Before the sand drift began, the landscape looked different, and people have lived here since ancient times. The burial mounds within the plantation are clear evidence of this. Svalhøje east of Nystrupvej forms a group of protected burial mounds from the Bronze Age (approximately 1800-500 BC). Some of the mounds are well-preserved with impressive domed shapes, while others have been leveled by plowing. However, studies show that stone settings, stone cists, and burials are still preserved beneath the green turf. The major construction of these mounds took place during the Early Bronze Age, from around 1800 to 1100 BC when thousands of burial mounds were built. The deceased were placed in coffins with their jewelry and weapons. While men are often found in the graves, women and young children were also buried in these mounds. The burial mounds are protected, and it is not allowed to dig into them or come too close with a plow.

Many burial mounds have been removed over time, but at Svalhøje, you can get an impression of how they were often located in groups in prominent positions in the terrain.

Golf in the Dunes

The tamed dune landscape with its undulating terrain is also well-suited for golfers. Nystrup Golf Course was established in 1971 with nine holes, and in 1992, it was expanded to an 18-hole golf course. The course is beautifully integrated into the plantation, and both the westerly winds, the terrain, and the surrounding trees add to the challenge of playing golf. Guest cards can be purchased at the clubhouse on Nystrupvej.

The bathing area at the end of Søvej is a lovely excursion spot. There are fire pits and grill areas, tables and benches, a child-friendly beach, and, above all, shelter from the prevailing westerly winds.

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