Explore National Park Thy on horseback

Whether you ride your own horse or rent one from one of the local horse rental services, there are excellent opportunities in National Park Thy

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Horseback riding provides a unique opportunity for some extraordinary nature experiences. From the back of a horse, you can get up close to the wild animals, which are often more tolerant of a rider than a person on foot.

Rider Route Thy

A riding trail has been established through the entire national park from south to north: Rider Route Thy. It goes through forests, along the coast, and shorter stretches along small roads, clearly marked along the entire route. At the shelter areas in Tved Klit Plantation, on the south side of Nors Sø, on Boligvej in Tvorup Klit Plantation, as well as in Hvidbjerg Klit Plantation and at Lodbjerg Fyr, there are rest pastures where the horse can graze. Rider Route Thy has its own website where you can find maps of the route, accommodation options, places where your horse can graze or be stabled, riding vacations, and tour guides.

According to the Nature Protection Act, it is not allowed to ride along the beach from June 1st to August 31st, unless the landowner has granted permission for it.

There are several places in the national park's area where you can rent horses or get guided riding tours. You can find more information from our local guide, "Rideture i Thy" here: Rideture i Thy and here at Visit Northwest Coast: Horse experiences.

The riding routes are marked with a rider on horseback. They are one-way in the direction of the horse's head. Photo: Mette Johnsen.