Engage your children in a fairy tale journey in Thy National Park

In Thy National Park, we have five fairy tales written for enchanting and family-friendly routes in our beautiful nature. Along the way, children are involved in the story through small reflections, quiz questions, and challenges to be solved

Nature Fairy Tales

"Natureventyr" is a free app - also in an English version - that features approximately 200 fairy tales written exclusively for routes in the Danish nature. The fairy tales are designed for families with children aged 4-9, aiming to make it easy and fun for families to explore exciting natural areas. Using maps and GPS embedded in the app, you progress from chapter to chapter.

In Thy National Park, we have five adventure routes that you can find in the Natureventyr app. They are geographically spread throughout the national park, allowing you and your children to explore the beautiful nature.

You can download the Natureventyr app here: App Store / Google Play

Lodbjerg Fyr:

The girl Johanne meets the wilderness man Adrian. Together, they set out to find the ancient giants, the Blacknoses, to determine if a storm is approaching.

Hanstholm Fyr:

The lighthouse keeper's son Viggo is visited by the wilderness woman Kaia. Kaia is his grandmother, and like all other wilderness children before him, Viggo must now go on a journey to find his spirit animal.

Nationalparkcenter Thy:

Wilderness children Viggo and Johanne are put to the test and compete against other wilderness children. They must demonstrate their knowledge of the wilderness and compete against their toughest competitors, Lyn and Laban, who use dirty tricks to win the competition.

Thagaards Plantage:

Wilderness children Viggo and Johanne embark on their first wilderness expedition. Together, they venture into Thagaards Plantation to find Commissioner Thagaard's great-grandson Vilhelm, who has gone missing in the forest.

Vandet Sø:

Wilderness children Viggo and Johanne must help the ancient wilderness woman Doris purify the water in Vandet Sø. Doris has accidentally turned the water green with her magic, and it smells!

A children's guide to the wilderness

Johanne and Viggo, who are the recurring characters in Natureventyrerne, can also be found in 'The Children's Guide to the Wilderness' - a booklet filled with fun activities and tasks for an entertaining and educational journey through Thy National Park.

The booklet can be purchased for 20 DKK at the Nationalparkcenter Thy in Vorupør, the Information House at Stenbjerg Landing Place, and in the café at Lodbjerg Fyr.