The great natural experiences are right at your feet. Nationalpark Thy has 49 marked hiking trails - and plenty of detours for those of you who are brave enough to get lost in the wilderness.

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On Your Own

Nationalpark Thy encompasses a myriad of roads and trails that can lead hikers through various diverse and magnificent landscapes. The area offers opportunities for walking in forests, heaths, dunes, and the ancient chalk beds of the past. There is something for both visitors who prefer a shorter hike on a marked route and for more experienced hikers who want to explore the remote wilderness on foot.

A great option for everyone is to choose a hike along the Rescue Road, which runs alongside the dunes by the sea. The route is marked with a stylized rescue boat. The hiking trail starts at the ferry harbor on Agger Tange and goes all the way through the national park to Hanstholm, and even further to Bulbjerg. In the old days, the Rescue Road was used when the rescue service had to reach shipwrecked sailors stranded off the rugged coast. The route goes right by the sea and the dunes, making it easy to sense the area's windswept and rugged beauty. There are primitive camping spots along the way, especially in the plantations. However, it is also possible to stay at inns, bed & breakfasts, or similar accommodations.

In various places, nature and people have created beautiful viewpoints where hikers can stop and enjoy the view over vast areas. From the tops of Hanstholm Lighthouse in the north and Lodbjerg Lighthouse in the south, you can truly appreciate the grandeur of the landscape.

Nature Rules

Please note: We hike on nature's and the landscape's terms in National Park Thy. That's why some hiking routes and sections, such as the Rescue Road between Lodbjerg and Stenbjerg, can be under water during certain periods of the year, especially in the winter months.

Allowing natural water levels to occur and change in nature is important for its dynamics and biodiversity. So, as nature guests, we may have to take a detour or get our feet wet from time to time.

The Rescue Road extends all the way through the national park and continues to Bulbjerg. This long hiking route is marked with the bow of a rescue boat.

Hiking Trails

A total of 49 marked hiking trails are spread throughout Nationalpark Thy. These range from the West Coast Trail (Rescue Road) covering 67 km to the Hulvej Route spanning 800 meters.

The hiking routes are divided into three categories based on the terrain, so you can determine whether the walk is on loose sand, in water/mud, or if you'll mainly be on gravel roads.

  • Easy (let): Most of the route is on even terrain such as gravel roads, crushed stone, asphalt, or concrete. There may be shorter sections with a firm trail surface, such as forest floor. A terrain-adapted pushchair should handle the trip.
  • Medium (middel): The route has varying surfaces, including even terrain, a firm trail surface, and shorter sections with a loose trail surface, such as sand. Be aware that some sections may be periodically underwater.
  • Difficult (svær): Longer sections of the route are on a loose trail surface, such as sand or mud. Be aware that some sections may be periodically underwater.

Find hiking trails in National Park Thy on our interactive app map (on mobile, you need to download the app to view the map): App-kort

The hiking trails pass through both heathlands and plantations, one along the beach, and a couple through the coastal towns of the national park. Here is the Red Hills Trail in Stenbjerg Plantation.

Practical Information

Hiking Maps

In 2021, the National Park released a recreation map that is well-suited for hiking. You can purchase the map at the National Park's visitor centers in Vorupør, Stenbjerg, and Lodbjerg.

Free overview maps of the northern and southern parts of the National Park are available at all visitor centers.

The National Park Thy app has all hiking trails and much more.

Learn more about brochures, maps, and the app here: App, brochures

Guided Tours

You can find short guided tours in the National Park's event brochure, available at the National Park's visitor centers, tourist offices, rental providers, or similar locations. You can also find them on the event portal Thy360